Puzzle 40 – Skywriting

Okay, the planned Friday puzzle I had for this theme has completely broken beyond repair, and I have given up on fixing it, so I’ll leave it as a challenge: Can you build a 6×6 Skyscraper skyscrapers? What this means is that clues on the side of the top could be given, for example, which would give the skyscraper number if each of the clues of a normal skyscraper represented a building.

Anyway, the puzzle for today is a hunt style puzzle, as promised. It is titled “Skyscraper Crossword” and I’ll make a password protected page so you can check your answer.



Puzzle 39 – Fillomino [Skyscrapers]

This is a Thursday fillomino puzzle, with a twist. If a building of height n is built on each square with number n, then numbers on the outside will represent how many buildings they can see looking directly into the grid.

At first, this puzzle had clues on the 8 outside locations, but when I realized I could have the numbers 1-6, remove excessive clues and remove the ambiguity all in one swift movement I couldn’t resist.

Unrelated to puzzles, I made a 2-dimensional poem: The following three by three grid of words can be read left to right, top to bottom, or top to bottom, left to right to create two different but related sentences. It is called Space and Time.

The       leaves       will

fall        but             march

still       springs     again.





Puzzle 38 – Shikaku [Skyscrapers]

Divide the following grid into buildings with sides perpendicular to the sides of the grids. The height of the building is equal to the area of its base, and the numbers around the grid give the amount of buildings that the outside observer standing there could see if they were looking directly into the grid.

This is a Wednesday combination of shikaku and skyscrapers.

Here’s the thing: putting me on a schedule is a lot like putting an elephant on a unicycle; I’ll probably only ever see it in my dreams 😛 So thanks for being patient, unless you are in the future looking back, in which case do we have teleportation yet? 😀 Anyway, as a reward of your patience (but actually because I had a bunch of time to make puzzles), there will be a thematic hunt-style puzzle at the end of this week like #30.

Does anyone have a program made to generate the graphics for puzzles? Because at the moment I’m using MS paint, and that’s… not ideal.



Puzzle 37 – corral [skyscapers]

This is a Tuesday puzzle.   Shade in some cells of the grid so that all of the shaded cells are contiguous, every group of contiguous white cells touch the edge, and there are no 2×2 groups  of shaded cells. In addition, the numbers on the outside represent the number of consecutive blocks of cells that they would see if they were instead buildings that high of cells, like a skyscraper. (So if a clue on the top of the grid saw VERTICAL segments of lengths 1,3,2,3,4 it would see the 1, the first 3 and the 4, and would be a 3)

Almost 2-3 rotationally symmetric. I had another version that was, but it sacrificed most of the fun logic.