Puzzle 43 – Akari [Toroidal]

This is a Wednesday akari (or light up) puzzle, with a twist. It is in the shape of a torus, by connecting the inside 6×6 edge, with the outside 12×12 edge (see picture). A lightbulb takes up an entire square and sends an infinite light stream in all four directions, unless blocked by a shaded square,and any cell with light in it counts as fully illuminated.

NOTE: because the version here is a 2-d version of a torus, it might look light could go past the center, but remember that it isn’t true.



Puzzle 42 – Tapa [Möbius]

This is a Tuesday tapa puzzle, but in the shape of a mobius band. In other words, The left side connects with the right side, flipped vertically. See the diagram to understand better. Above the diagram, “0123456789” is shown, so you can see the font used.

Remember, coming this Friday is  P.I. hunt 0. It will be a shorter/sample version of the puzzle hunt starting on 3/14/15.


EDIT: originally posted a draft of this puzzle, instead of the working version.



Puzzle 41 – Nurikabe [Toroidal]

This is a Monday nurikabe puzzle, in addition the edges fold around (So R1C5 touches R10C5)

So apparently I failed at skyscrapers week. Skyscrapers always manage to trip me up one way or another, I always just skip over them if I can on an LMI test. I  am fascinated by skycraper sequences though. I found this paper by this wonderful mathematician/puzzler/blogger if you haven’t already heard of her.