Puzzle 141 – Nurikabe [In/Out]

This is a Thursday nurikabe puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to shaded or unshaded. Note that a shaded number states the size of the island it would be in if you were to unshade that cell. The question marks can represent any (positive) integer.



Puzzle 140 – Corral [In/Out]

This is a Wednesday corral puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to be inside or outside the loop. Note that for cells outside the loop only see cells outside the loop, until blocked by the loop or the edge of the grid.


Puzzle 138 – Loop [In/Out]

This is a Monday loop puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to be shaded or unshaded. Note that a cell with a number will never count itself, only the eight cells around it.

An interesting variation that can apply to a whole bunch of types of puzzles. It might be  harder than a normal Monday, but it’s the easiest puzzle this week, I think.


Puzzle 137 – Matchstick Puzzle

I turned 19 today!

There are 19 matchsticks arranged in the shape of the number 19 below. You can ignore the colors, which is to show the 19. You can also ignore the fact that they are matchsticks, which is to say, you may not break them, burn them, use their thickness to solve the puzzles, and should just treat them as movable line segments.

At the start, there is only 1 rectangle, and it has area 4. There are 2 puzzles, the 1st is somewhat easier. Reset the matches back to the original position before starting the 2nd. (Don’t move 5 from the position which solved the 1st puzzle.)

1.) Move  3 matchsticks so that the sum of the areas of all rectangles formed is exactly 19.

2.) Move 5 matchsticks, so that there are exactly 19 rectangles.

Both puzzles are probably unique (besides some trivial differences in the second), but it’s hard for me to guarantee that.


Puzzle 136 – A puzzle from Turkey

This is the third of three internationally themed puzzles. See Wednesday’s puzzle for introduction.

This is most likely the easiest of the three, but requires more trivia/internet than the other two. Again hopefully the picture quality and handwriting is legible.

I’ll post a puzzle tomorrow for my nineteenth birthday, which is in under two hours from now! 😀


Puzzle 134 – A puzzle from Italy

As you might have noticed, I’ve been on vacation. I was in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, and I now have three puzzles, each of which I made in hotels and/or on plane rides. They are each themed around or related to one of the countries I was in. Hopefully the picture/handwriting is readable enough.

Greece will be tomorrow, Turkey after that, and then after that, a puzzle for my birthday.