Puzzle 141 – Nurikabe [In/Out]

This is a Thursday nurikabe puzzle, with the exception that cells with numbers are allowed to shaded or unshaded. Note that a shaded number states the size of the island it would be in if you were to unshade that cell. The question marks can represent any (positive) integer.



Puzzle 133 – Sashigane

This is a Thursday sashigane.

You might have some deja vu from Puzzle 130, but it’s a much harder solve even with the smaller grid.

Puzzle 128 – Star Battle [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Thursday star battle, but instead of two stars, each region, row, and column must have either one or three stars.

This type is really finicky. I was surprised with how well the masyu and double back worked, and I think they definitely have potential to be revisited, but knapp daneben with star battle really doesn’t have much potential at all (well, excluding the potential to be an April Fools puzzle, where you must put one more or less than one star in each row, column or region.)



Puzzle 117 – LITS [Knapp Daneben]

Yes, you did read that title right.

This is a Thursday LITS puzzle, except that you should shade exactly 3 or 5 cells in each region. Note that there are two possible trominos, and eleven possible pentominos (as P would create a 2×2 shaded region.) Also note that two I trominos may not touch, two I pentominos may not touch, but an I tromino may touch an I pentomino, and similarly for L.

Puzzle 112 – Alphanumeric

This is a Thursday alphanumeric puzzle. Replace every letter in the set {C,O,S,I,N,E,X} with a digit from 0-9 to make the following expression true. Words with multiple letters represent multi-digit numbers, and cannot start with a 0. Asterisks and parentheses both represent multiplication.


Note that this keeps in the “pi” related theme, if you know math enough to recognize Euler’s identity (which is a special case of this, which is Euler’s formula.) I was extremely happy when I discovered that this has a unique solution!

Puzzle 95 – Norinori

This is a Thursday* norinori puzzle.

Note that it is very apt that a puzzle with this visual theme would be named norinori**. This puzzle is very satisfying to me how the left and right require totally different logic to complete.


*I feel like this week is all mixed up in terms of difficulty. I am bad at estimating difficulty and my usual testsolver is gone for right now.

**Now I feel the need to make a shakashaka like this too XD

Puzzle 90 – Masyu [CASTLE]

This is a Thursday masyu puzzle, however, not all dots are necessarily visited by the loop. If a dot is visited by the loop, it must act normally. If a white dot is not visited by the loop, it must be on the inside of the loop, and if a black dot is not visited by the loop, it must be outside the loop.