Puzzle 71 – Seek and Spell [REGEX]

This is a Friday seek and spell that uses regular expressions. If you do not know what a regular expression is, you can learn here. If you want to solve this puzzle, but don’t want to learn about regex, you can use this cheat sheet. (If it’s still unclear, you can ask anything in the comments)

EDIT: Note that the first entry is broken into two lines. That is just so the image can fit nicely into the post, but has no effect on the puzzle.

If you like regex, check out regex golf.


(If you are wondering what happened to Thursday, I had a seek and spell using only ‘X’ and ‘O’, but I found it tedious/guess-and-checky. I tried to fix it but it kept breaking. I should actually test my puzzles before starting the themes, you say? Nonsense! That would require thinking ahead!)


Puzzle 70 – Seek and Spell

This is a Wednesday seek and spell puzzle.

Who says that harder puzzles need be larger? This is my last puzzle of the theme with real words though, so enjoy reading them while you can 🙂


Puzzle 68 – Seek and Spell

This is a Monday seek and spell puzzle. There are some nonstandard characters, but the rules still apply to them in the same ways.

Hello World!

The languages used in this puzzle are, in order, Hawai’ian, French, Chinese (Pinyin), Piglatin, Beghilos, Latin, Russian, Spanish, and Foodtongue. The font is different than the one I normally use in order to be able to use the special characters.



Puzzle 31 – Anglers & Seek and Spell

NOTE: For puzzles 31-35, there will be “two” puzzles a week. Yes…  “two”…  in quotes. This will soon become clear as you try to solve the puzzles. This week is a little experimental because the puzzles themselves should be more fun then the actual solve of the puzzles.

Today there is a Anglers puzzle, and a Seek-and-Spell puzzle.

I will make a rules page sometime, but until then, here and there will have to do