Puzzle 108 – Skyscrapers [Cipher]

This is a Friday skyscrapers puzzle, however, the numbers {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} have been replaced with the letters {K,N,I,G,H,T,S}, in some order. No two letters can represent the same number, and each letter represents the same number in everywhere that it appears.

The text, reading “THIS IS INSIGHT ISN’T IT” refers to a “vision” themed test of puzzles (which would’ve been called “InSight”) I had been once planning on making, but decided against it. The puzzles from this week were all vision themed puzzles that I had made for it.


Puzzle 13 – Skyscrapers [cipher]

As I recently told you, I was at my brother’s wedding. This puzzle is for him (Daniel) and his new wife (Ann). Good luck!

This is a Wednesday skyscrapers puzzle, but in order to solve it, you must first replace every letter from the set {D,E,N,I,A,L} with a DIFFERENT integer from 1 to 6, (so for example, D might be replaced by a 1 every time a D appears and no other letter could be replaced by a 1.