Puzzle 121 – Slitherlink

This is a Wednesday slitherlink.

Sorry for the formatting. I’m still using a spreadsheet to make the images for these puzzles while I’m not at home, but that doesn’t work great for slitherlink, which usually has the dots at each vertex. Hopefully the puzzle itself makes up for it though, I think it’s pretty interesting.

Completely unrelatedly, here’s a haiku I made recently:

Resume the evening

Evening the resume

Resume the evening




Puzzle 20 – Slitherlink [LIAR] [ONLY ONE]

This is a slitherlink puzzle with a twist. In every row, and every column, exactly one clue will be lying, (will say an incorrect number), in addition, you will only be able to determine one of these lying cells with certainty using only purely logical cells and no guessing. Determine which cell it is.

This is a Friday puzzle, although I might be overestimating its difficulty. If I am, its okay, because I have two really hard Fridays in the past three weeks.

Happy No-more-movember-month!


Puzzle 19 – Slitherlink [LIAR]

This is a Thursday slitherlink puzzle, with a twist. Every number inside the loop will tell the truth, and every number outside the loop will tell a lie!

Note that there are two types of liar-slitherlinks, this being the less common of them, so make sure you read the rules. But no fear, I will post the other type of liar slitherlink tomorrow as my Friday puzzle.