Puzzle 126 – Masyu [Knapp Daneben]

This is a Tuesday masyu, except that, for every clue, instead of acting normally, it is possible to make it valid by changing the length of both segments to it by one. More formally:

You must turn through black circles and in both directions you must go either one or three units.

You must go straight through white circles and in some direction you must go two units.


Puzzle 118 – Maysu

This is a Friday maysu puzzle. Here are the rules for maysu:

Draw a loop consisting solely of line segments connecting the centers of grid cells, which cannot touch or cross itself, and may not go inside any cell more than once. It must pass through the center of every cell containing a circle. It must turn 90 degrees in cells with a black circle, and go at least two units in both directions from it. It must not turn in cells with a white circle, and must go less than two units in at least one of the two directions from it.

Puzzle 116 – Masyu/Balance Loop

In this Wednesday hybrid, each circle must act as it does in a masyu puzzle, or as it does in a balance loop (taken from GMPuzzles. somehow there is no rules page anywhere for this type?), or both.

Masyu and Tapa are my two most commonly made puzzles, although I only have 1 variationless masyu and 1 variationless tapa. I should make a variationless week next, as a change of pace for me.

Puzzle 90 – Masyu [CASTLE]

This is a Thursday masyu puzzle, however, not all dots are necessarily visited by the loop. If a dot is visited by the loop, it must act normally. If a white dot is not visited by the loop, it must be on the inside of the loop, and if a black dot is not visited by the loop, it must be outside the loop.


Puzzle 89 – Masyu [SEMILIAR]

This is a Wednesday masyu puzzle, however, half of the circles should be the opposite color. The loop will alternate between circles that act normally, and circles that are lying and should be the other color instead.

There’s been a lot of unfortunate (or bittersweet) news in the puzzle world lately. Both Thomas Snyder and Grant Fikes have changing life situations, meaning that they will be posting puzzles less frequently. Also, the automatic blog updates have permanently stopped, which is both inconvenient because I will have to check every single site for updates individually, and because many people went on my site because of it.

On another note, I got one of my friends addicted to masyus, so I might make more masyus next ON week too.


Puzzle 88 – Masyu [ALL GIVENS]

This is a Tuesday masyu puzzle. In addition, all possible circles that could have been given have been given.

I like the concept of this, but black circles may become too powerful, so I don’t know if it has too much potential. Maybe I will try using the “All givens” variation with other types of puzzles.


Puzzle 49 – Potpourri

This is a Friday special puzzle. Because of the P.I.HUNT, I am two puzzles offset for Fridays to be multiples of 5. Luckily, 50n-1 and 50n are traditionally special type puzzles, started from MellowMelon I believe.

49 is a square number, and so are 4 and 9, what a good time for a milemarker square made of square themed squares puzzle.


Draw a loop passing through centers of cells, traveling parallel to the edges, going through each cell at most once

Top left:  Shade in every cell the loop does not go through. Unshaded numbers truthfully represent how many of their 8 orthogonal neighbors are shaded in this region, whereas shaded numbers lie, and give a number other than how many of their neighbors in this region are shaded.

Top right: There are some multicelled regions in this section, which are repeated. Within each copy of the same shape, the loop must be exactly identical. The loop doesn’t necessarily pass through every region.

Bottom Left: Masyu puzzle, however, the white circles are optional, the loop doesn’t have to pass through them, and the black circles are full, every possible black circle is given

Bottom Right: Rightface puzzle, with multiple robots entering at every spot that the loop enters this region going clockwise around the loop. Each robot travels at the same time, and follows the rightface rules and must exit the region following the loop. It is a condition on the solver to prevent two robots from wanting to enter the same square at the same time.  Some black cells are already given.